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Heating comes on when hot water on.

Posted by Mike Harper, on
Hot water tank system with Valiant boiler over 20 years old. Almost definitely a valve problem but is this costing more than if the heating didn't come on? Have hot water on timer and the radiators come on even with heating off. Is this faulty valve costing us energy. We are heating the water anyway so with heating on is the boiler working harder or not please?
craig leadbetter

craig leadbetter

Obviously this is using more energy to heat the amount of water traveling through the system not to mention the energy used to pump the heated water, therefore yes there will be cost implications.
Ryan McEwan

Ryan McEwan

It sounds like a faulty zone valve is letting by (allowing water to pass through the valve when it should not) This could either be 2 separate valves one for heating and one for hot water or one valve which controls both There are likely to be situated where the hot water cylinder is located Hope this helps

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