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Hot radiators cold rooms

Posted by Alison Harkin, on
A few years ago, our boiler constantly needed re pressurising. After several months, we decided to replace the boiler but the replacement is now doing the same. We can't find any visible leaks in the radiators or pipe work. The radiators are red hot to touch. A few years ago, we did have a leak in our cold water mains pipe. I'm just wondering whether that would have an affect on the boiler pressure if the leak hadn't been repaired properly. I can't check the leak as its under a concrete floor. If it would have an effect on the boiler, I will use this as a starting point. Thanking you in advance, Alison
Jay Mahmood

Jay Mahmood

Hi Alison, the cold water incoming pipe will not effect the boiler however it will cause damp issues if not sorted quickly. Your best is to call a local engineer to come round have a look at your current system making sure the radiators are balanced correctly. Sometimes the boiler expansion vessel might need recharging but without looking at the boiler its hard to pin point the exact problem. Kind regards Jay Warm Sure Heating

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