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Magnaclean filter

Posted by Toyin Oyedele, on
Hi, I have an adey magnaclean filter (red bottom, black top). I have the filter accessory to open the top and have bled valve but can’t get it open. I’ve turned on the boiler the turner it off to try and loosen it but no go. It’s stuck and I don’t want to force it in case I break it. Any advice? It was already installed when I moved in.
Ryan McEwan

Ryan McEwan

I find sometimes if you turn it as if tightening very slightly then turn it the other way it seems to do the trick
Jan Hui

Jan Hui

Make sure the magnaclean is secure (won’t twist or pull off the pipes) and just go for it. Replacement seals are available... If you think it’s possible you might damage the pipes/connections - simply prepare for an emergency drain down!

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