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Very old boiler needs servicing don't want need a new one.

Posted by Michael Sugrue, on
My present boiler is very old and I need a new person to service it. I do not want to be in a position where they condem it so they get the work of a new installation as when last serviced it was 90% efficient and very safe. Can you recommend a company to service it - Highbury North London.
Daniel Soroczyn

Daniel Soroczyn

It would be best speaking to neighbours for a good plumber., or look for engineers that only carry out repairs and services. Appliances are only isolated from the gas supply if deemed immediately dangerous or at very high risk to the occupants and the public. If an appliance has been disconnected from the gas for any reason, you can always get a 2nd opinion and should never feel obliged to use the same engineer to carry out any installs.

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