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Low boiler pressure but no visible filling loop

Posted by Allan Lewis, on
I have an Ideal Logic+ S18 system boiler showing fault F1, which the manual says means "low pressure": the gauge is indeed at zero. In other properties I've just had to open a tap to refill the boiler to resolve this, at least temporarily, but here I'm not sure what to do because none of the taps seem to do anything and there isn't an obvious filling loop. Can anyone help me fix this while I wait for Ideal to send someone? The boiler was only installed in April so it's well within its warranty. In any case, surely this issue can't be part of normal operation?
Anthony Curren

Anthony Curren

This boiler does not have a built in fill loop so there should be a silver flexible pipe somewhere in the house 5is could be under or above boiler or in airing cupboard or even under sink. Look for silver flexible pipe with black knob at one end.

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