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Hot water pressure

Posted by David McLoughlin, on
I'm currently doing my bathroom, I'm by no means a plumber but I'm taking my time.. I've put all pipes in and cold water feed is mains fed and is fine still. The hot water pressure is not upto the required standard I've ram 22mm pipe that was already in and changed to 15mm to T upto the taps Im pretty sure it's a gravity fed system any help would be very much appreciated I have 4 children and a missus waiting for a bath and this virus is stopping me getting a plumber in. Tia david
Anthony Curren

Anthony Curren

If you have a hot water tank ( gravity fed ) The hot water pressure is a result of the height of the water feed tank above the tap or shower head. 22 mm pipe is normally used from the top of water tank to the bath taps and a short length of 15 mm pipe to other taps. As Peter said a shower pump that feeds both hot and cold will help also a pressure reducing governor on the cold supply may help by balancing the different pressure between hot and cold. The simplest solution is to raise the height of the small ( feed and expansion ) tank the feeds into the bottom of the hot water cylinder by putting it into the loft. If you look online for hot water gravity fed systems.
Peter Howell

Peter Howell

Hi David in theory you could fit a pump to the hot water side this may help however if you are using mixer taps the cold water mains will probably still override pumped hot water

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