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I need an appliance engineer, what section to click on?

Posted by Anna Gibson, on
Hi my electric grill & extractor don't work. I want to find out if they are repairable. I've been advised to contact an appliance engineer. However, you don't have that category of tradespeople. Can you inform me how I can contact one?
Mike  Simpson

Mike Simpson

Hello Anna, You could contact a local independant Appliance shop and see who they recommend or failing that Google "appliance Repairs" and your location. Kind Regards Mike
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hello Anna, A local appliance shop will help. But I would suggest you get a electrician in first to test your items. Go to the rated people's site and put your job on under electrical works budget £50 you will at least know what you are up against. Regards Michael
Neil  Redrupp

Neil Redrupp

As Mike from South Coast Building has mentioned, it sounds more likely a fuse problem. If you do not have the ability to check things yourself, then it is probably best to look for an electrician in your local area, easiest found on Yell. They can at least trace the problem. Neil Priors Home and Garden Services
Mike Gregory

Mike Gregory

Hi just out of curiosity are these appliances wired to any form of fused spurs? Its strange that both the extractor and grill do not work of course this could be just coincidence but if you have not yet checked i would check to see if any of the fuses have blown. Regards appliance engineer i'm not to sure if rated people have a section for that either maybe best to contact a local appliance supplier. Hope that helps South Coast Building Ltd

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