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Integrated washing machine and kitchen units

Posted by Lynn Jolly, on
We desperately need some help with a bad situation we've found ourselves in with our kitchen and integrated washing machine. The machine has broken down and needs a new drum and needs to removed from underneath the worktop. We can't get the machine out from underneath the worktop because it's jamming on something we can't see. We've had look underneath it with a torch and can see that the back right foot is stuck into an old floor file which lies underneath our (new!) floor vinyl. But there also appears to be something else stopping the machine from coming out and we think it's on the left side (nearest the pipes and sink). We don't know if the hose is trapped or whether the machine was jammed in when it was installed (it was installed at the same time as our kitchen). We've managed to adjust the other 3 feet off the floor but the one at the back right side won't budge as it's jammed into the vinyl. So, the machine is basically balancing on just that foot. The problem we have is that having pulled the machine out a little way it's now stuck and won't go back in and so it's blocking access to our gas cooker. We also have the issue of not being able to lift the worktop up because it runs the length of the wall and has the sink (which is next to the washing machine) inset into it. We're at a loss as to know what to do and we've been without our washing machine for a month now. The washing machine engineer couldn't get it out either and suggested we contact a carpenter/fitter to see if they can assist. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
craig hollingworth

craig hollingworth

Hi Sorry to hear your having this problem , if the washing machine is located next to a sink open the door nearest to the washing machine and look up to the top of the sink unit cupboard , there could be a bracket sandwiched between the underside of the worktop and the top edge of the cabinet , also I would get a pair of good pipe grips[pliers] and try and unwind that last leg down , it should come down but may take a little encouragement do t slowly and a little at a time , and also make sure your pipes are not restricting its movement , there are only 3 things to my knowledge that will hold it in , 1 the legs , 2 any brackets , and 3 the hoses , release the bag leg that's stuck and you've eliminated one of them , make sure the hoses are loose , that's another eliminated , and finally look for any brackets , these will of course be physically attached to the surrounding area , ie worktop or cabinet[s] if your in the Nottingham area post your problem and I will respond Kind Regards Craig
Craig Fitzgerald

Craig Fitzgerald

Hi suggest getting a kitchen fitter or maybe trying a different appliance engineer, what area are you in? Thanks Craig

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