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Adding an en-suit to a room

Posted by Nayab Chaudhury, on
Hi, I want to know if adding an en-suite shower room (by diving a 17'x 8' room into an en suite and smaller room, i.e. not building an extension to create space for the en-suite) requires planning permission? And what are the general regulation/permissions that also would need to be considered? Through general internet research it seems that internal changes to a home does not require planning permission but its always advised to check with local council. I've contacted my local council and they really did not give any advice and mentioned a 'pre application' advice service, which they charge for! (Seems a bit unfair because...) ...Right now I'm just trying to explore options. I'm not even sure if/when I would get an en suite built. Right now I'm just looking to get information about all the things I would need to consider. And if I can afford it. Can any trades person who works in maidstone or someone who has had an en suite built in the maidstone council area let me know of their experience? Thanks for your advice! Regards
Mostafa Tavengar

Mostafa Tavengar

Hi, generally you will not need planning permission, although if the work you are planning requires some structural changes then you will need a building control notice, but these are relatively easy to get, and can even be applied for retrospectively if needs be. The fee will probably be between £200 and £400 but, in my opinion, this is money well spent as they will inspect your job before and after and tell you what size beams you need etc. They will then sign off the work and you will be able to put the paperwork with your deeds, adding value to your property. Your builder should be able to help you with all of this but, for now, don't worry, it sounds like a relatively simple job, I am sure you will be fine. Good luck with your build!

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