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Can I check ratings for a company?

Posted by Karina Krause, on
We are having a bad time with our loft conversion company at the minute so Iwas wondering whether there are any ratings about them on your site. They have your logo on their website. How can I check this?
Rated  People

Rated People

Hi Karina, If a company is part of the service, they’ll be able to provide you with a link to their Rated People profile. This will contain all previous customer ratings, qualifications and pictures of their work. Their profile is also available on online searches, so searching for the company name (and "Rated People" to narrow the search) should bring up their account. If you're having issues finding something, feel free to email support(at) with the name of the company (and a link to their personal website) and we will see if we can find their profile for you. Thanks, Josh Ask an expert team

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