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Removal of half a shared chimney stack?

Posted by Sylvia Waltering, on
Hi, my neighbours have just removed their half of our shared chimney stack without even checking with me first, never mind getting my consent. I am worried about how this will affect my property structurally and potentially in terms of damp as the side of the chimney that now is facing their property does no longer have a skin of bricks. I don't want to start a war with my neighbours as we've always got on very well, but how can I assure that everything is going to be done properly, now that it is too late for me to object to the work in the first place?
Antony  Jordan

Antony Jordan

Hi there. firstly i would explain your concerns to your neighbour and then ask to see the building reg's from the council to prove the work has been done properly, if its been done to reg's you should have no concerns because everything will be supported and finished in the correct way... If no reg's your neighbour is in a world of trouble with the council and his house insurance and your insurance as it may put your house under risk..... but before all that just ask.

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