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Artex ceiling

Posted by Kathryn Gow, on
I need to have work done on the landing of my house. There is a loft hatch directly above the steep stairs so I would like the hatch moved, a ladder fitted and the artex removed and replace with just smooth plaster. But I don’t know which trade I should search for. I tried ‘builder’ and got no replies. Maybe ‘joiner’ but would ‘plasterer’ be better to do the artex? I feel like this isn’t an unusual job but don’t know who does it. What do you suggest?
Rt Lynn

Rt Lynn

Dear Kathryn, Two options: Put the job up for carpenter. When he will finish his job, do another job lead for plasterer Or: Put it up for handyman. Just be very specific with the info, as you did here. I’m sure that someone will answer. Tip: put it up as urgent. In case there is no answer for the job lead, wait 12h then delete the lead and put it up again as a New Job lead. All the best! Rafal RT LYNN MAINTENANCE

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