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Paid deposit with,no recipt and no work has been done what can i do

Posted by Dave Guest, on
Hi, i have had a chap measure up for some railings. He has done work for me before and i didnt have a problem. I have given him a third of the total cost as a deposit, i didnt get a reciept because i thought he was ok last time. He told me the job would be fitted in three weeks. That was nine weeks ago. When i ring him he always has an excuse. I know it was stupid not to get a reciept. Is there anything i can do. kind rgards dave
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hello Dave, It's unfortunate what you have done. If they'd been some kind of a receipt you would have some kind of power. You will have to apply presser to his good nature. You are not in a very strong position. If you don't get a response within 14 days then contact your lawyer for further advice. Regards Michael


Its difficult if you have no record of the payment if it was transferred into a bank account you have a record. I would write to him and maybe visit his premises. Keep the pressure on him. "its the squeaky wheel that get the oil" become a thorn in his side(legally) and he will give in to make you go away and leave him in peace. so send him letters Phone daily from different numbers maybe and ask him will he complete the work or return the deposit and say shall I call around to see you to collect the deposit in person. He wont like that.
Dalton Thompson

Dalton Thompson

Hi Dave, Unfortunately, without a receipt you do not have any proof of payment. If you paid by cheque or bank transfer there will be a record of the payment which you can use as evidence. We take complaints extremely seriously, therefore if you used Rated People to hire this tradesman please email us: [email protected] with your full name, email address and mobile phone number and we'll be able to look into this matter for you. If this is the case we can contact the tradesman and act as mediator between both parties to help reach a resolution. If you did not hire the tradesmen using our service I recommend that you contact Trading Standards. Best wishes, Charlotte Ask an Expert Moderator

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