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Artex on bathroom walls and ceiling

Posted by Rachel Wright, on
I have artex on my bathroom ceiling and walls, what is best to get it off? Of can I just plaster over it?
Gary Branch

Gary Branch

Yes scrape high points off Pva coat then two coat plaster smooth ready for painting , Make sure artex is sound as this is the base your working from G, branch plastering
Phillip Grant

Phillip Grant

Hi Rachel, Yes you are able to plaster straight over your existing artex. You will find many plasterers have different ways of skimming over artex but my preferred method would be to use a bonding coat 1st and then I would apply a coat of multi finish plaster to achieve a smooth flat finish ready for painting. Including the prepartion work and plastering work I would say this is a 2 day job and for labour and materials I would expect a cost of around £350-£450. I hope this helps answers your question many thanks Phil Pg Maintenance Services

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