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Plasterboarding and skimming a stud wall

Posted by Shuva Dey, on
Hi, I am having a loft conversion done and builders have dry-lined study walls. They have skimmed but I can't see faint lines of the boards beneath in some areas although the wall is smooth and flat to touch in most area although some slight indentations in some places. Also in some places the joint tape mesh outlines can be seen. The skim looks quite thick as far as my untrained eye i.e. 3-4mm or so. This doesn't look right to me and builders have said this is fine. Is this acceptable? Comments from plasterers most welcome! Thanks.
Sam Fields

Sam Fields

Davids comment is true. You will see if there are any marks or imperfections in the plaster when it is painted as this magnifys it all
David Barwick

David Barwick

As regards to sam's comment he is right in saying the skrim should not be showing above plaster. But i believe in your case it it's smooth and flat, it's just the colour the plaster has dried gives the impression it's showing. David D J Barwick Builders
David Barwick

David Barwick

Hi shuva, it is normal for the outlines of boards to show through the plaster before it is painted as long it's not the actual board showing and the wall is smooth and flat. David D J Barwick Builders
Sam Fields

Sam Fields

No that dosent sound right to me. Defo shouldnt see the scrim tape! Hope you havent paid yet!

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