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After a quote 48 hours later tradesman withdrew the tender.

Posted by Charles Farrand, on
I asked for a quote for plastering and recieved a written quote but before I could accept I recieved an email to say he was sorry but he wanted to withdraw his tender.Is this ok or could it be that he is cherry picking better jobs and should I leave negative feedback?Could he be doing this to other clients?
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hello Charles, Thank you for your question. You will never know unless you ask the reason why he's done this, however, it's good that he's given you this information now and not let you down on the day. It sounds to me that other works come in before you accepted he's quote and so he was committed to this. Regards Michael
Dalton Thompson

Dalton Thompson

Hi Charles, It would've been good communication for the tradesperson to give you an explanation, but it's difficult to judge without knowing more. You might be right, but it could equally have been for personal reasons, or maybe just an honest mistake about how much time he had. Tradespeople pay for the opportunity to quote, so it's not in their interest to buy lots of job posts - they see everything available in their area anyway, so they should be able to pick the most suitable ones before they start contacting people. We'd suggest trying to speak to him before leaving a review, and if you do leave one, please just make sure it's a fair and accurate experience. Thanks, Alex Ask an expert team

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