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Our shower cubicle is blocking up and slow to drain. We have noticed a

Posted by Andrea Miles, on
Our shower cubicle is blocking up and slow to drain. We have noticed a sewer smell from it. Sometimes water bubbles up in it when we flush the ensuite toilet
gareth butcher

gareth butcher

It sounds like there is a blockage on the waste pipe which is causing it to back up in the tray. Your best option is to call out a plumber who carries drainage tools.
William Keogh

William Keogh

Depending on what is actually happening will tell cause of problem; If the toilet is slow to empty when flushed then this indicates a blockage on the Main Soil pipe after connection to Shower Waste Pipe; If the toilet flushes and empties quickly then no blockage is there, but more than likely the waste pipe from the shower is either blocked (but if was how is water from toilet coming back into tray as should go down main Soil Pipe), but more than likely the Waste Pipe from the Shower has been fitted incorrectly. In most cases a Plumber should beable to confirm this and advise how it can be rectified. Hope this is useful, Bill Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services, Bournemouth
adam stone

adam stone

It sounds like it needs a good look at, i would say the main drain back up to the toilet needs looking at. Once this has been confirmed then shower, a snake tool or plunger can be used to help dislogde. showers often block up from hair, grease etc. If there is access underneath the shower then the trap can be removed and cleaned, failing these things drain acid will free the shower 100% please read this carefully; drain acid is very dangerous on the skin or being inhaled. drain acid will damage the tray on contact ( it has to be put in in a certain way) i advise you get someone who has experience with this substance if you have never used it before. if you need more advice please say

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