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We need to replace the mains water pipe from the street into the house

Posted by Rachel Weston, on
We need to replace the mains water pipe from the street into the house as the water pressure is low.Would we contact a plumber or another trade?
Alex Peters

Alex Peters

Do not do as suggested by Lee campbell its illegal to pump the water mains, get a plumber who should be approved by the local water authority if you wish him to make the "toby" connection in the street, some water companies do this connection free, if so the plumber will run the pipe from the toby to the stopcock and make the connections internally whilst the water board make the tovy connection
Lee Campbell

Lee Campbell

Why not try a salamander pump, get a plumber to install this just after the mains stop tap. This will save a lot of time & money! And give you at least 3 bar pressure!
Lee Campbell

Lee Campbell

You are wrong Alex Peters! Salamander wouldn't be allowed to sell & advertise there water mains pump in plumbers merchants across the uk if they where illegal!!!
Lee Campbell

Lee Campbell

Hi Rachel! I can prove that it is completely legal to boost your water mains pressure. Please google Salamander water mains pump. There sold by the largest national plumbing merchant Plumb Centre. Thank you!

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