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Contaminated unlidded cold water tank - clean or replace?

Posted by Erik Dorman, on
I recently found a dead squirrel in the cold water tank in the loft. Fortunately, the tank feeds only the hot water cylinder and not the bathroom cold taps. I have flushed large amounts of clean water through the system, opening all the hot taps, but I suspect that I need to do more before we can safely use hot water. The tank is covered with loose fitting insulation, but has no lid. Should I (a) replace the tank, and (b) get specialist help with decontaminating and checking the system?
William Keogh

William Keogh

Erik, You could do this job yourself. You just need to purchase water pipe cleaning fluid from a plumbers merchant and put it in the system and follow simple instructions, etc. Bill Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services Bournemouth (we can be found on Google under Plumbers Bournemouth)

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