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Posted by Andrew Britten, on
As a rated people customer (tradesman) I am sick of purchasing jobs and calling the customer then getting I only want prices at the moment / I don't want the work done yet maybe in a month or 2 time ,where is the detail in these job specification so the tradesman knows exactly what he is getting for his fee I believe that rated people will give the bare amount of info on a job as they know they wont sell half as many leads if the work was not immeadiate or the homeowner just wants prices at the moment , surely the money that is spent should be invested in the website this website has cost me 45 pound today what a waste of money
Michael Nixon

Michael Nixon

Hi Andrew< whilst plumbing is outside of my remit i thought i'd respond. The alternatives prior to this kind of service were horrendous ie yellow pages, thompson etc I spent many thousands (20k one yr) advertising for absolutely nothing (didnt even turnover what id spent), At least you do get put through to people requiring the work to be done (even if there is a timescale involved) be patient the work will come, be professional, make sure you stick in the customers mind, now i have 70 odd 5 star ratings gaining quaity work is getting easier. Consider which jobs you buy more strictly and take the rough with the smooth there are always plenty of quote gatherers out there willing to waste a tradesmans time and there always will be!
shawn byrne

shawn byrne

Hi Andrew I've been a tradesman on here for a few years now you will get the leads That just want prices and the leads that's think £500 builds them a extension But if you have not quoted you will get the cost of the lead refunded too your Account. If its refused by email give rated a call and explain why you did not Quote. Hope this helps Slb,brickwork

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