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How do you stop a dripping tap with swing handles?

Posted by Donald Clift, on
I have bathroom taps with swinging handles,I believe they use ceramic washers.How do you replace them?
Rob Waghorn

Rob Waghorn

Donald. Ceramic disc lever type taps can be tricky to match up. There are different size splines and something that looks straight forward could leave you stratching your head!. If you can isolate the supplies and get the existing discs out you can take them to a plumbers merchants who May be able to help. But to save time and effort it may be best to post the job on ratedpeople,most plumbers would carry spares or know where to locate them quickly. May also be worth mentioning not all discs can be found and you could end up just replacing the taps. Hope this helps. Robert.
Reece Hosken

Reece Hosken

Find the isolated on the pipe leading to a tap and turn 1/4 turn Check the water isn't running and remove the top of the tap With an appropriate size spanner remove the tap valve and find a plumbing supplier and buy the pair hot and cold they will be indentified with red and blue washers on the bottom To refit reverse what you did to remove them Don't forget to take the handle with you as some valves have unique splines I hope that this helps Regards Reece Hosken Handyman solutions

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