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Toilet is not unblocking

Posted by Jean Jacques, on
My toilet is not unblocking properly, when i plunge the bowl its going down but when i flush it again it fills back up. Have tried caustic soda, buckets of water and plunger, anyone got any other ideas please?
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas

More likely the soil pipe is block or got in a junction try lifting nearest man hole like be block you also rod from there, plunger not lot of good if block down the line
Rob Waghorn

Rob Waghorn

Jean. Tim is right but you could try and use the weight of water and plunge the toilet when the level is high(ie when you have just flushed it). Im guessing you have a push button toilet cistern. Hope this helps. Rob.
graeme peddieson

graeme peddieson

Hi Jean it sounds like you need a prof plunger that plumbers use to clear the blockage in the waste, Also there is a knack to how you use a plunger, arrange one of our plumbers on the rated site to attend. Regards Graeme
Ian Allen

Ian Allen

Hi, There is a knack to using a plunger, if you have tried a few times & not resolved the problem I would recommend you get in a plumber as more plunging could end up doing more harm than good. If the internal surface of the pipe is coated with grime the plunging could cause this to collapse in on it's self creating a complete blockage, once this happens it starts to compact & becomes very hard to move. Kind regard, Ian Aquian Plumbing

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