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Can i ask a plumber to see his corgi certificate

Posted by Julie Cziborra, on
I have an issue with my boiler and want to make sure I have a corgi certified plumber to do the job - do plumbers normally carry their certificate with them to jobs?
Rafal Kaczynski

Rafal Kaczynski

Hi Julie Gas engineer not a plumber;-). Yes gas engineers are obligated by a low to carry their licence all the time ( plastic card with gas safe logo and , photo and reg number ). If he will refuse to show you it will mean that he is not gas safe register engineer. Best regards Rafal
Samuel  Adjei

Samuel Adjei

Hi Julie, You can ask for their ID Card number even before they attend to verify their credentials on Also please note that the fact that an operative is registered does not mean they WILL be able to fix your boiler. Discuss the problem with them until you are satisfied they will honestly attempt to locate the problem and rectify.....and check their feedback too!! Good luck. :-)
Jan Hui

Jan Hui

Corgi is now obsolete. Gas Safe registered engineers carry an up to date licence photo card and it lists which types of appliances they are licenced to work on. Try the Gas Safe website to search for your local engineer.
Fenton McLaughlin

Fenton McLaughlin

No a plumber do not need to be Gas Safe registered but a Gas Engineer is. As for carrying is certificates around to show you I wouldn't think so. But most Gas safe engineers are listed on the Gas Safe website and each engineer has a ID Card.
Vlad Katane

Vlad Katane

Yes. And it called Gas Safe Register now. You can also check the registered companies in your area online here - Hope this helps.

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