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Electric Shower Problems

Posted by Sarah Hatter, on
We have replaced 4 showers in 18 years in our current house! Our existing shower is a Mira as we were told these were the best, but this has just stopped working after 3 years. What can we do to prolong the life of a replacement?
Bogdan Banasiewicz

Bogdan Banasiewicz

Hi Sarah. It is true that Mira is ok . In my opinion problem is with water quality and how often shower is in use. Immersion element which is inside of unit is most faulty part which even after two years can be damage due to hard water . Next common problem is electrical connection , especially in connectors . Poor electrical connection can be reason that shower unit stop work . Most customers thing that shower unit is broken but true is not shower unit but electrical connection make fault . i hope this information can help you . regards Bogdan Banasiewicz PROTON - easy find on website
Marian Cobuz

Marian Cobuz

Hi Sarah you need a plumber, I assume you live in a hard water area so water softeners are required together with a MagnaClean for CH system, or use a good descaler more frequently. Mira is a good brand yet far from the best, at least in my view, check Hansgrohe. Good luck.

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