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Radiator Replacement

Posted by Chris Nightingale, on
Should I get a plumber to replace my radiators or can I do it myself?
Marian Cobuz

Marian Cobuz

Hi Chris and yes you can do it yourself if you got the skills, the tools and are confident enough you wont flood entire place. I'll strongly recommend hiring a plumber, it seems to be a simple straightforward task yet only if know exactly what is required. Whole CH system might need drained and refilled, inhibitor added, balancing and bleeding probably also required. There are quite a few complications that may occur, depending of CH system type, like vented or unvented, I'll definitely hire a plumber. Good luck.
Edward Thompson

Edward Thompson

Hi Chris if you are COMPETENT then it's somerthing you could do yourself, if you have no experience then don't even think about it just get a plumber in. Ed

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