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Possible jammed valve

Posted by Colin , on
The hot water valve in the bathroom is turning but there is no water coming through to the taps the valve is the honeycomb shape it was very stiff to turn at first (which I put down to not being used for a long time) now it is turning freely but is it possible that the valve has seized leaving the tap head to turn normally?
James Doran

James Doran

It may be worth looking in They offer video tutorials on all kinds of home DIY tasks. If all else fails they can provide you with fully qualified plumbing and heating engineers in your area.
cameron bax

cameron bax

Hi Collin, its sounds like your dealing with a gate valve, These have a Common Habit of Snapping inside the valve, Leaving the Wheel head Turning Free, But not Opening Or Closing The Valve Itself. This Will Needs Replacing To Turn Your Water Back On, When Changing Gate Valves, I Always Recommend Changing It to a Lever Valve, Which Are a Lot Less Likely To Seize Etc and Easy To Isolate Plumbing In a Emergency. To Change a Valve You Will Probably Be Looking Around The £45 - £60 Range. All The Best The Posh Plumbers

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