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Charges for a visit

Posted by Diana , on
Hello. I would like to know, should a company not provide free quotes, is it its responsibility to make the client know about this, that it charges for a visit and how much?
Dalton Thompson

Dalton Thompson

Thanks Ian, we completely agree. Diana, you shouldn't be paying for anything you haven't explicitly agreed to. If there's work involved in order to provide a quote, then a tradesperson may wish to charge for that work, but this should be agreed between you in advance and you're certainly under no obligation. ^LT
Ian Allen

Ian Allen

Hi, There is no simple answer to that question, it depends on what you consider a quote to be. If it involves fault diagnosis or labour to provide the quote, i.e. removing bath panels or similar, in order to find out where the problem is, it is fair to expect a cost. In saying that the Tradesperson should inform you of this before they attempt to carryout any of the work & ensure they have your concent, & at no point are you under any obligation to pay for anything that has not been agreed in advance. Nore are you under any obligation to accept any quote. I hope this has been of help. Kind regards, Ian Allen, Aquian Plumbing.

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