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Does combi boiler increase water pressure to the shower

Posted by Paul sharma, on
Hi I am looking to install a combi bolier as currently have a gravity feed system. The water pressure in the shower is not fast and I am looking to install a rain shower. By installing the combi will it increase the water pressure to the shower. I want a have a system whereby there is good pressure for the rain shower to perform at a high fast pressure way.


The key fact here is your water pressure and flow to the building, the system you have is irrelevant when fitting a combi as it relies on the incoming water pressure. So the pressure and flow you get from your cold tap is all you will get from a combi. For example your bath fills slower with a combi. If you want a really powerful shower then most people retain the gravity fed tank and cylinder and fit a pump unit, that will give flow and pressure depending on the pump you fit. You can get power showers with pumps in but again many do not work with a combi., and electric power showers such as the Triton Aspirante Power Shower work at 14 litres a minute which is mains pressure. Hope this helps you

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