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Washing machine repair

Posted by Julie Cawdell, on
I have a hotpoint WT540 washing machine that is in my garage. As expected the pipes froze during the cold weather. After thawing out, I noticed that it has a leak. Presumed it was from the water pipe due to freezing and I was, temporarily dealing with that by turning off the water to the washing machine while not in use so that the leak was kept to a minimum. However I went to use it yesterday, I turned the water back on, turned the machine on and it lit up for a second and then turned off. I’m guessing that water has got into the electrics. My question is, is it worth while having someone look and potentially repair the fault? I’m not sure exactly how old machine is without digging out paperwork but it’s around 7 years old.
Matthew Leyshon

Matthew Leyshon

I'm a plumber/heating engineer from South Wales - I recently had water in my hotpoint pcb board - a repair shop picked it up fixed it and dropped it to me the next day and charged me around £120 the machine if the machine is a good one then why not spend a little bit to get it right Matt

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