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GE Dishwasher draining intermittently

Posted by Logan Kidd, on
I have a GE TriClean Quiet Power 1 dishwasher and it's begun draining intermittently. When the drain cycle begins it will drain some water, then just stop. Eventually the wash/rinse resumes and when it gets to the next drain cycle it will drain a little water and then stop again. I thought maybe there could be a clog, or maybe a pump issue. I've cleared the drain and there is definitely no clog. Interestingly, if I stop the washer as soon as it stops draining and open the door, then close the door and restart it, it will begin draining again. It will stop before it's fully drained, but again if I just open the door as soon as it stops draining, then close the door again it will resume draining. I can actually get it to drain the full basin by doing this, but of course I shouldn't have to! So I'm not sure it's a pump issue as the pump does work just fine. I know it's not clogged. What else could it be? Thank you!

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