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How much to relocate a boiler?

Posted by sarah holstead, on
I'm considering buying a house and the boiler is currently located between two tiny bathrooms on the 1st floor. I'd like to make one big bathroom and therefore the boiler would need to be relocated. I'll be installing a new kitchen/utility room downstairs so I'd like to relocate the boiler to there. Could anyone advise of a ballpark cost for relocating a boiler? It's a massive conventional boiler which is 11 years old so I'd probably opt to change it to a combi. thank you
Ryan McEwan

Ryan McEwan

I personally wouldn't recommend removing and installing a boiler I'm sure you could find companies that would be willing to give you a free quotation I would say approx £2000 depending on what is needed Thanks Ryan


There is a lot to consider before giving a Quotation. A rough guide on cost including all materials could range between 2.5k - 3.5k as an estimate.

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