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Water heater issue

Posted by Michelle Phair, on
Our water heater pilot light won't stay lit. The original code was #3 for insufficient heating. I replaced the thermopile and pilot assembly. Now the code is #5, sensor failure. If that was the problem, why didn't that code show to begin with. Does it need to be reset? Can I just replace the sensor or do I have to replace the whole gas valve? Thanks so much.
Tamjeed Din

Tamjeed Din

hi michelle, i would suggest to get a competent gas safe engineer to help for your own safety.
Daniel Soroczyn

Daniel Soroczyn

Hi Michelle, You must be qualified and registered with Gas Safe to legally carry out any work on any gas carrying parts/appliances. please use a registered engineer and do not put your self/family at risk. HSE fine £5000 for those who do not comply and will also be recorded as a criminal offence.

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