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Domestic appliance repair

Posted by Tina Darwazeh, on
Grout and plaster have been poured down my kitchen sink by builders. Can this damage my washing machine and dishwasher?
Danny Allen

Danny Allen

Hi Tina should not damage machines but will block drains check water is draining ok from sink might be you need to get a domestic sink cleaner should never pour plaster or any aggregate down sinks Regards Danny D J ALLEN PLASTERING & BUILDING MAINTENANCE
Rafal Kaczynski

Rafal Kaczynski

Hi Tina It will not damage your dishwasher it only can cause blockage so I would highly advice to clean a trap and waste pipe if plaster and grout is still there Regards Rafal
Ian Allen

Ian Allen

Hi, It shouldn't damage them but may stop them working depending on the layout of the waste pipe. If the grout has blocked the waste pipe at a point down stream of connections they will not be able to pump away. Kind regards, Ian Aquian Plumbing
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hello Tina, No, but it's not recommended to do this. Keep the tap running or clean out the trap under the sink Regards Michael

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