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Treatment of Woodworm

Posted by Katie Louise, on
Hi, I'm looking to buy a house where the surveyor has noted that there is woodworm in the rafters, floor and at bottom of the stairs. Approximately how much should I expect to perform an appropriate survey, and then treat the house should this be needed. The house is a 3 bed and 2200 sq ft. Many thanks in advance.
Peter Barber

Peter Barber

Hi Katie Woodworm is actually quite rare in today's properties. Central heating tends to deal with the problem. Wood boring insects require a certain amount of dampness within the timber in order to digest the wood. Almost all older houses have had an infestation, but the flight holes will still be present for ever. This does not indicate an active infestation. Most surveyors will not be looking for signs of activity which are: Wood dust (frass) under the exit holes. Live beetles found on window sills from around late April to September Lava present within the wood. Treatment should only be considered if one or more of the above are confirmed. There is no such thing as a safe chemical. Therefore if activity if found, then only treat the area of infestation and avoid mass chemical treatment. If the infestation is widespread then you should be allowing around £500.00 for treatment of the property. Best Wishes Peter Barber CSSW.,CRDS.

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