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Tiling fioor

Posted by Chris Stocks, on
Can ceramic tiles be fixed on old black vinyl floor tile adhesive/ leveling compound on concrete floor ?It looks impossible to remove without damaging screed.1970 bungalow.
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hello Chris, Welcome to the site. Best to get an on site survey/quotation done, this is a free service to you and you will get 3 quotes. Simply post your job onto rated people's site. You are not obliged to go with any of the quotes- but ever job that's posted is paid for by the relevant tradesmen.if they contact you that means they are interested in your job. If one of them are awarded the job then great news for you both. Regards Michael
Paul Gazee

Paul Gazee

Hi Chris Yes you must completley remove all dust ans residue and then you must prime the floor first. You can buy a bonding/priming agent from most tile retailers!! The if the floor is flat enough to lay the tiles proceed. If floor is slightly uneven you can self level (latex). Prepare it before you tile. Kindsest Regards Paul Centreline Ceramics
Martin Marchewka

Martin Marchewka

yes, you can tile, or self level over the black vinyl tiles, but you need paint the floor with special sealer/primer before. You can get it from a tiling shop. One other thing, the old vinyl tiles are probably asbestos, so I would take care when taking them off the floor Regards Martin Ms interiors
Jim durant

Jim durant

Hi There. yes of course. just make sure any loose bits are taken out. the pva the floor area 50 x 50 solution with a roller leave over night and then get a bag of flexible levelling compound , it needs to be mixed with a pro mixer or decent drill and paddle for at least 2 mins and then poor and level out with a flat trowel being a tiler for 34 years I have done this umpteen times and no problem as yet. hope this helps jim

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