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Can I put roof slates (no pre drilled holes) on my bathroom walls?

Posted by S Jarvis, on
I have lots of black slate tiles that I think are for a roof, they are the size & colour I want but obviously not as thick as slate wall tiles. They don't have any holes in them so I was wondering what the harm would be if I put them on the wall, thanks

jason Cox

Hi just seen your question and yes you could use them on a feature wall all you would need to figure out is how you would fix them. I would probably drill holes in each till and fix batten to walls and then screw or nail them. To ensure a good fix as would cause injury.
Ludvik Krnc

Ludvik Krnc

Good inspiration for design , the best adhesive for it would be swimming pool plastic coated the one from Ardex. The problem you may unconter is the different in levels and the grouting of it. You will have to prime the back of it prior to installation and you would need to seal them too after you finish installing them. If you want more info on it get in touch. Ludvik My Bespoke Bathoom Ltd

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