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Day rate

Posted by Mark Newman, on
How much is a reasonable day rate for a bathroom and kitchen tiling job ?
Ludvik Krnc

Ludvik Krnc

Depending on the experience of the tradesman and how many msq he can lay in one day , we pay for are own trade for a novice £80 to £100 and for 20 years experience £240 to £ 500( this one can lay 40msq per day). Ludvik

Timothy Taylor

This again can depend on the tiles, for instance laying slate tiles would be more expensive as they are not all the same, but generally £22.50 per sqmtr. Tim
Sam Sandhu

Sam Sandhu

Hi Mark I think you would be better off in negotiating a fixed price for the job rather than day rate as this can sometimes be costly. If someone is on day rate then they may be inclined to drag the job out. Where as someone on a fixed price will want to get the job done as quickly as possible to maximise their profit. I would get 2-3 quotes and look at their past/current jobs. Speaking to past/current customers also helps in deciding which installer to hire. Best of luck.

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