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Hairline crack on a white 'Metro' wall tile shower room.

Posted by darren green, on
I have noticed a fine crack on a white 'Metro' wall tile shower room. It's on the first row from the floor up so it gets quite wet. I'm worried water will eventually start seeping thru. I have read that sometimes it may be easier to repair rather than replace. Is this a good idea, if it is how is the best way to proceed. thanks Darren
Alistair Ewen

Alistair Ewen

Hi Darren There is no good way to repair a cracked tile unless you do not have a replacement tile then you can fill the crack with grout but the only fool proof way to make sure your shower is waterproof is to remove the tile and replace it. I will give you a quick run through of how to do this if you want to take it yourself. First put some protection on shower tray is cardboard then a dust sheet get a hammer and to the cracked tile in the centre until late it starts cracking when it cracks remove prices one at a time wear gloves as tiles are sharp work from centre out until late all tile is removed be very carefully at edges not to damage adjacent tiles remove all adhesive and grout with a scraper. Then cover the area with waterproof tile adhesive and place tile in position use spacers for correct gap. Leave we hours then grout tile leave another we hours then use shower as normal regards alistair a and my bathrooms

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