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Posted by Lorraine Hall, on
We are told to add extra insulation in lofts and walls and stop all drafts, but I have d/g windows that have no vents and have to keep most of them open slightly all winter and summer to stop mold growing everywhere. So the temperature drops almost immediately the heating goes off and I have drafts around my ankles - what am I supposed to do to keep warm?
Rafal Kaczynski

Rafal Kaczynski

Dear Lorraine Trickle vents are Described as ‘a small ventilation opening designed to provide controllable whole building ventilation. Background ventilation via trickle ventilators provides the building with the facility for secure, draught free ventilation. Background ventilation should ideally be positioned 1.7m above floor level, to avoid noticeable draughts, trickle vents are ideal for meeting this requirement. Various devices can be used to open and close vents to suit the activities of the inhabitants of the room/building. There is so many different vents which can be fitted ; - Through Frame Design; The trickle vent is often positioned through the head of the frame - Gllazed in; Sometimes it is necessary to fit the trickle vent into the glazed area along the top of the sealed glass unit - Over Frame Design : On some occasions it is not possible to fit the trickle vent through the frame, therefore ventilation can be routed over the frame or head of the window - Different framing materials: Trickle vents can be fitted in all window framing materials, PVC-u,Timber, Steel or Aluminium. - Easily controllable : Because trickle vents are usually situated above the window, some vents can be controlled by cords or rods or simply by hand I hope tis can help Best regards Rafal
Gary Finnie

Gary Finnie

Hi Lorraine, Realisticly the windows should have trickle vents at the top DEPENDING on the type and style of window. If timber or uPVC it is possible (But not easy) to have them fitted retrospectively by removing the windows and cutting out the vent slots to the frame on a bench, fitting the vent and puting the windows back in place. This would cost quite a bit but cheaper than replacing the windows. I have carried this out a few times but it depends on the style and type of window. A few things you should look at first though is: How old are the windows? Is it time for new windows anyway? Why are there no vents fitted? Is this due to the style design or age? Do you have a guarantee? (Not fit for purpose) Can you go back to manufacturer or instaler for discussions? Hope this helps Gary
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hello Lorraine, Best to get an on site survey/quotation done, this is a free service to you and you will get 3 quotes. Simply post your job onto rated people's site. You are not obliged to go with any of the quotes- but ever job that's posted is paid for by the relevant tradesmen.if they contact you that means they are interested in your job. If one of them are awarded the job then great news for you both. Regards Michael
Tom Fahy

Tom Fahy

Good evening, You need to get trickle vents fitted. Kind regards Bespoke contractors LTD

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