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Bow window to casement window

Posted by Ian Cutts, on
Hi, i currently have a bow window(think thats the term) on the front of my terraced house. Can this be changed to a flat casement window and is it a big job? Thanks
Tim Harris

Tim Harris

Hi Ian Although this is a relatively simple job for a professional window company there are a couple of factors worth considering , such as the difference in colour of your brick work once the bow bay canopy has been removed along with the lead flash band And also the fact you are removing the bay may well reduce the value of your property as a lot of people consider bow bays to be a nice feature and there for have a perceived value , it might be worth checking it out with an estate agent before you do Tim Harris Md Cinda windows
Steven Costigan

Steven Costigan

Hi Ian yes this can be done very easily however please be aware there will be a lead scar where the existing bow window top was
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hi Ian, Not a big job at all-however you need to look at the way the window is fixed to the sides, you may need some brickwork repairing when the window comes out. Budget the cost of your window plus £250 fitting charge Regards Michael

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