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Double glazing company

Posted by Manus Mc ginty, on
Hi there I recently got a double glazing company to replace 14 pains of glass paid a deposit of 1000 on 2nd last week of July and agreed that windows would be done on the 21st of August on the days leading up till that I must have tried to call 20 times to confirm a time and I got no answer also text no reply then on the morning off fitting they finally answered and gave me so bull about it being his daughter's wedding and that would last a week so after a lot of argument was getting nowhere so had to swallow it and wait till following week then same thing trying to ring no answer till the morning of fitting asking to move to the next day I said absolutey no way so agreed to come wouldn't give a time and didn't turn up till 2.30 so another day of work they turn up house has been refurbished and they stand all over newly glossed window sills and drag mucky boot all through the house no clean up had to do it also had to repaint window will then they leave half the window not fitted all the wrong size we organise another day a week later they come back do 3 windows and the rest of the new ones they bring wrong size again so organise another day again a week later do all window except 1 doesn't fit so the say they will come back in an hour with a solution don't come back for about 4 hours so that leaves them still there on the Saturday at 5pm and not once during this whole ordeal did they call me to say when they would come they never answered the phone and would just turn up and say where are you we are here but as soon as they had the last window fitted he was straight on the blower looking for the rest of the money 500 pound won't give any refund well I think a lost 4 days off work because of these clowns so should be some compensation any advice would be greatly appreciated
Antony Jordan

Antony Jordan

Hi there . Hearing about these people does my head in, and the sad thing is people still use them, i would report them first to the council because you have to have a licence from them to be allowed to fit UPVC windows, then trading standards and then get some mates round and when he comes for his money go tell him to go whistle. Take photos of everything (hopefully you did) and last thing make a report the police up to this point so if anything did happen your covered. DON'T PAY THEM, and you could write to the local paper. Once you have done all that tell this waste of space what you have done and how he has been reported i don't think you will hear from him again

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