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Problems with double glazing

Posted by lisa mccafferty, on
Hi we have had doors and windows installed and porch put on, we complained about damaged hinges scratches to frames, lots of other issues, Mess left, tiles broke in bathrooms, wrong handles fitted, porch tiles ordered wrong windows too big, a catalogue of events. They assured me all would be completed to a high dtanfard on the last day of installation. They didn't do it. Even so far as window board we ordered for landing window not changed. Gave them another chance they came back out replaced some hinges, and sanded out alot of the damage in the doors but still there is some damage. Hinge still damaged on hall door. Scratch on the pvc frame. I have had enough now of telling them and asking them. a 4 day job is 5 weeks. what are my rights here as I haven't paid them yet
john bennett

john bennett

If you have been in correspondence with the builders and stated all works you are not happy with and given them an appropriate time line to address the faults you should now give them a deadline on when you expect everything to be completed to your satisfaction or you will contact another builder to come and rectify all the faults to which you will deduct the cost incurred to do this from your original builders fee

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