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Windows had holes in and measured incorrectly

Posted by Alex Mitchell, on
On the day of having my six new windows fitted , I noticed the new windows all had holes / cracks in unfortunately they had taken three of my windows out so fitted them in temporary while they made 6 new ones , a week later they turn up with the new windows, I hear them in the back of the van cutting the windows, I ask why are you cutting the new windows, their reply was we have to cut all the ribs off as they don’t fit ! They had cut so close that the edge of the window cracked and had small holes in , I just don’t get this industry and how shoddy and unprofessional they are , also on checking the advertised Certass approved installer logo on paperwork and online with Certass they are not members
Andrew Spence

Andrew Spence

You need to speak to trading standards to see if they have had any reports about them and you need to carry out a companies house check to see what is held on the company before you decide on were you want to take the problem

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