A trend that needs to end – keep calm and carry on

Keep calm and carry on. No. I can’t carry on until this trend ends. Cute, yes, but it’s had its day. Fair enough it’s nostalgic, a piece of British history created to raise moral during the 2nd World War, and it seems apt to re-use it in a time of recession, but this propaganda is past its best. Sure you can mix it up with keep calm and… drink teablog on, or even call batman, but this campaign’s gone on too long.

Picture of keep calm and carry on poster in red

The problem is, we just can’t get away from this trend – it’s everywhere. Top Drawer, is the UK’s number 1 event for design-led gifts, goodies and homewares, yet the British flag and carry on slogans were everywhere. This is a bad sign, a very bad sign. This show is testament of things to come, ‘design-led’ AKA the 2012 catwalk of home décor and stocking fillers.

So it seems that in true propaganda style this is a trend that won’t end until it has infiltrated every home in the UK. In the mean time, it looks like we’ll just have to sit it out, keep calm and carry on best we can, in the hope that the end of this trend is near!

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