Loft bedroom ideas and tips to help you style your space

Have you got a loft you’re hoping to transform into an extra bedroom? We’re here to help inspire you with some of this year’s most popular loft bedroom ideas and top tips to help you master loft interior design.

Regardless of whether you’re going for a bohemian style or a more minimalistic interior design, most lofts have a few things in common (low ceilings and little natural light) that can be addressed with the right design tips.

When you’re ready to start styling your new loft bedroom, speak to one of our skilled tradespeople to request a quote.


Picture of a loft bedroom with pink pillows and wooden floors

How do you arrange furniture in a loft bedroom?

One of the most important aspects you’ll need to consider in order to properly design and style your new loft bedroom is how to work with the space you have. This is because lofts tend to have low ceilings and awkward corners that can make it tricky to place furniture in an optimal way.

To help you do this, you should:

  • Measure your loft’s dimensions, including ceilings length, width and height. This will help you when it comes to buying furniture for your loft
  • In areas with low ceilings choose low furniture like coffee tables and sofas to open up the space and prevent it feeling cramped. You can also get loft beds that are purposefully low near the ground.
  • Create a clear pathway in your loft from the entrance to the centre of the space to avoid the room feeling cluttered
  • Use wall mounted furniture to free up floor space and make the most of tight corners
  • Keep the design minimalistic to avoid the space feeling crowded

Before you get started, we suggest you define zones in your loft, e.g. for sleeping, working, relaxing, so that you can begin planning your loft design with a clear sense of how you want the space to be used.

We also recommend you check out our clever design solutions for small homes blog for more tips on space saving solutions.

Picture of a loft bedroom with large skylights

How do you decorate a loft bedroom?

Pro tip #1

Use rugs to create ‘areas’  in your loft. Rugs visually separate a space and can make it easier to create distinct zones in your loft.

Pro tip #2

Make the most of vertical space by adding cabinets, storage units and mounted shelves that will help you keep your belongings organised and away from the floorspace.

Pro tip #3

Test out different arrangements. We suggest you try a few different layouts for your loft, to help you visualise what would work best in your space.

Picture of a loft bedroom with wooden floors and skylight

Where should I place my bed in my loft bedroom?

Where you place your bed in your new loft bedroom is the most important consideration you need to make, since your bed will probably be the largest piece of furniture in the room.

Some people opt to put it where the ceiling is lowest, because it opens up space in other areas of the loft where it’s easier to move around. On the other hand, the reverse also has plenty of benefits. For instance, it’s easier to move in and out of the bed area when it’s placed in a high-ceiling spot. We’ve summarised the pros and cons for you here:

Low-ceiling area for bedHigh-ceiling area for bed
ProsCosiness: creates an intimate and cosy sleeping nook.Ease of movement: offers more headroom for comfort.
Space optimisation: allows you to use higher-ceiling areas for other purposes.Versatility: provides a versatile lower-ceiling space.
Visual interest: adds visual interest by creating a contrast between high and low ceilings.Better air circulation: heat rises, making it more comfortable in hot weather.
ConsLimited headroom: reduced headroom when getting in and out of bed, potentially uncomfortable for taller individuals.Less cosy: sleeping area may feel less intimate and cosy.
Access difficulty: may be accessed via a ladder or narrow staircase, which can be less convenient.Visual continuity: may not achieve the loft’s design goal of emphasising ceiling height contrast.

Once you’ve decided, why not hire a handyperson to help you install and set up your new loft bed?


Picture of a loft bedroom with a large bed with rust coloured sheets

How do I choose the right lighting for my loft?

Often, lofts don’t have a lot of natural light as they lack windows and have low ceilings that make a space feel cramped and dark. To tackle this, you could:

  • Get skylights installed to introduce natural light
  • Paint the walls in light tones like white or beige to make the space seem brighter and larger
  • Get an electrician to install bright, artificial lights as well as a range of different mood lighting to help you create ambiance in your loft
  • Hang mirrors around the space (mirrors reflect light and can make a room seem bigger)

An electrician can help you pick the perfect lighting for your loft. Request a quote today to get started.


How do you make a loft bedroom private?

You might be planning on creating a multi-functional loft space with both a bedroom and a living area. In that case, you’ll be wondering how you can create a level of privacy in the bedroom section of your loft.

Here are a few tips to help you create a private loft bedroom area:

  1. Install curtains, canopies or fabric panels around the bed
  2. Purchase room dividers to separate different areas of the loft
  3. Hang fabric panels from your ceiling around each side of the bed
  4. Separate the space with large shelves or bookcases that double up as storage
  5. Hang greenery and plants around the bed to add a degree of privacy that also helps you create a natural feel for your loft

Always make sure you consider aesthetics as well as functionality. Whatever screening method you choose, it should match the décor of your loft in terms of colours and style.

Need help installing your new privacy measures? Speak to a local handyperson to get started.


Picture of a loft window with two large velux skylight windows

If you’re thinking of turning your loft or attic into a new bedroom, then you’ll want to focus on finding the right spot to place your bed, whilst also optimising space and light.

If you are thinking of getting a loft conversion, check out our loft conversion cost guide for more information on prices. Already have a loft but it isn’t a liveable space yet? Then read our blog on prepping your loft for daily use.

Ready to design your loft? So are our skilled tradespeople. Request a quote today to get started on turning your loft into a beautiful new bedroom.


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