Professional painting and decorating story with Suave and Fran

Commercial painting: behind the scenes with Joshua, Kalece and Fran

In part two of our new three-part series we take you behind the scenes of professional painting and decorating.

In this story we meet bubbly tradescouple Joshua and Kalece, co-owners of Suave Property Care, and Fran at The London Podiatry Centre.  Suave have been with Rated People for over three years and they specialise in painting and decorating, laminate flooring and general maintenance.

Joshua and Kalece work with their team, some of whom are young people on their apprenticeship scheme. Suave responded to a brief posted on Rated People by Fran, who needs her whole clinic to be painted and finished to a really high standard, including doors and doorframes.

What rating will Fran give Suave Property Care?

Watch how Suave Property Care works with Fran to transform the clinic.

You can visit Suave’s profile page, here.

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