Costs and benefits

See for yourself how we can help your business. Whether you need to pick up a little work here and there, or if you want to branch out into new areas and take on new staff.


Fill those gaps in your diary

Take on as much work as you need, plus with our handy app it’s even easier to pick up new job leads on the go. You’re in complete control.

Grow your reputation

You’ll get your own Rated People profile page, like a mini-website, to show off your business. It’s an easy way to advertise yourself – share your company information, qualifications and photos of past work all in one place.

Customer reviews lead to more work

Build up a bank of reviews for everyone to see, reaching far more people than word of mouth ever could. Once you’ve got a few great reviews, it’ll be a no-brainer for new clients to pick you for the job.

Find new customers who will rely on you again and again

Once you’ve done a great job somewhere, that homeowner will have your contact details and are more than likely to get in touch if they ever need anything else done. We’ve got lots of stories from tradespeople about they’ve won long term customers from just one job lead.

No waiting for the phone to ring

Get a continuous supply of job leads all year round, matching your specified trade, skills and location.

Save money with exclusive business offers

Keep your business expenses down with these discounts – on insurance and business software. Choose an annual membership and you’ll get even more.

With an annual plan you get over 190 genuinely useful offers and discounts, including free mobile phone insurance and breakdown cover, plus up to 40% discount at Jewson.


There are two ways to sign up – you can pay a monthly or an annual fee.

Pricing and benefits

The annual fee is cheaper over 12 months, plus you get access to member benefits premium – over 190 discounts and offers which could save you around £800 a year on phone insurance, breakdown cover, everyday essentials and big high street brands.

The monthly fee includes member benefits which will save you money on accounting software and business insurance. You can also cancel at any time, but will cost more over the long run.

Once you’re a member, you pay a fee to access each job lead.

Job leads

We send you the leads that match your specified work area and trade.

Each job lead includes the customer’s job description, estimated budget and postcode, along with how much it will cost you to buy that lead. Once you’ve bought it, you’ll get the customer’s contact details so you can provide a quote.

The price of a job lead varies with an average of £15+VAT and is based on the job’s size, scope, location and demand for the skills required to carry it out.

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