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Central heating pump

Posted by Richard Graham, on
What would happen if i fitted a central heating pump to the hot water feed to my bathroom . Would i get better hot water pressure ?
Cristian Guta

Cristian Guta

Hi Richard. Depend which kind of central heating system you have . If you have a main combi boiler, you can't fit any pump. If you have gravitational system, with cold water tank tank in loft, my advice is to fit a twin pump, hot and cold water. Positive or negative head, depending on level of taps supplied by pump. Thanks, Christian
Peter Dickson

Peter Dickson

You'd get lovely dirty hot water as the central heating pump is for central heating you'd have to buy a grundfos hot water pump witch is similar to a ch one but is lined in stainless or bronze very expensive bout £300 to £400 and it's not a job you should tackle on your own Richard get a good plumber/heating engineer in to do it it's a pricey job as I've done it several times and there's other work involved but I could be here all night .....,
Rafal Kaczynski

Rafal Kaczynski

Dear Richard You could blown your hor water cylinder so please do not do that. We always recomend to post a job on main website because some of a job needs to be seen before any advice is given. Our service is free of charge with no obligation quote and our tradesmans are happy to help with every aspects of jobs. I would strongly recomend to post a job on Rated People home page then 3 companies will get in touch then you would be able to choose the right person as you would receive an e mail with a link to tradesman account where you would see a pictures and you will read revious from previous customers. I hope this will help Best regards Rafal

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