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Bathroom refurbishing

Posted by Pedro Cerrato, on
Hi, i am refurbishing 2 bathrooms, both are in the first floor, I don't want a raised shower-tray, but rather a walk in completely level throughout wetroom. Will be getting a trademan to do the job (once I find one), but want to do my homework first. first bathroom the space is 700mm by 700mm second bathroom. i bought a shower pannel of 1100mm 800mm. So I need something that fits that area. i would like to install something like a wetroom (only in the shower area) I already bought all the materials, including the shower panels, toilet, bidet, tiles, etc… except the materials for the wet floor area (wet floor former, etc). I have found several options, some require more installation time and less money other less time and more money. see: some options (AKW duraform Wetroom Floor Former and Waste , Marmox) will need extra support on the joists as it will be fitted to wooden floor with joists and we also will need underboarding. (The Duraboard is an alternative to timber and is under the you may need tab . Plywood maybe the cheaper alternative). Others (impey) don't. The thing is that the guy who was making it has disappeared leaving the work half done. As I said, I already have almost all the materials, I would like to know how much would cost me to end the small bathroom? And to do completely the second one? I need to decide if refurbish the second bathroom or to return everything. Sorry for the very long email. Regards