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Worth joining ?

Posted by Ben Williamson, on
Hi I'm a self employed bathroom fitter toying with idea of joining this but unsure. Does it get work ? A lot of work? In my trade ? Etc?
Mostafa Tavengar

Mostafa Tavengar

Hi Ben, I am a multi trader but bathrooms are my mainstay. When we relocated to a new area Rated People allowed us to be fully booked almost immediately. As someone else has said, we did a couple of smaller jobs for materials money only to get some good ratings, and went from there. You will need to allow for the fact that some people just aren’t serious, look for a reasonable level of detail and standard of English in the description, and be prepared to buy several leads at a time to be sure of getting work, but otherwise.....go for it, and good luck! ??
Peter Howell

Peter Howell

Hi Ben I’m a bathroom fitter I’ve been using rated people for a number of years and managed to build my business up very well Once you buy a lead ultimately it’s up to you to do the best you can to get the work I found that the best way was to buy smaller jobs to start with so that you can get lots of good ratings quickly that then makes it a bit easier to start winning the work for larger contracts Good luck I hope it goes well for you

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